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If you happen to be running the RC build you will be greeted with bi-hourly shutdowns starting today. Every two hours Windows will shutdown, forcing the user to restart their computer until the next shutdown occurs. This is used to encourage users to upgrade to a real copy, effectively making Windows frustrating to use. If by some chance you still happen to be using it despite this, when June 1 rolls around the OS will mark itself as not genuine. It will lock you out of features and force you to use a legit copy of Windows.

Microsoft does not offer a way to directly upgrade the release candidate to the final version. If you are still running the RC build, the only option is to do a clean install, which causes you to lose your settings and start over. This is discouraging, and might be one of the reasons someone would still be running the release candidate. Thankfully a way around the upgrade restriction has been discovered, but it requires a bit of knowledge, and only works with Windows 7 Ultimate edition. It is not recommended to use this method, because it’s not supported by Microsoft.

It is to be hoped that everyone has upgraded by now, or at least gone back to a legit copy. It would be really annoying to have Windows cripple itself. It is better to fix the problem then it is to procrastinate on this one.