Whoopee! Today is the day that my Windows 7 Party Pack arrived! So many goodies that I don’t know where to start. I’ll list some of the goodies and show you some pictures:

-Poster with the Windows 7 Design
– Deck of playing cards with the Windows 7 design
– One Windows 7 puzzle
– Bag of streamers
– Bag of balloons
– Table top centerpiece
– Pack of Windows 7 napkins
– 10 tote bags to give to guests (woot, love tote bags!)

It’s Christmas in October baby. Click below for the pictures.

So, here are some pictures of the big unboxing.

Party Pack
Here is the box untouched!
Behold all the goodies, even napkins!
Playing Cards
Anyone for a game of Gin or Thermo-nuclear War?
Ballemer signed 1
Windows Ultimate Signature Edition