There is a new viral advertising campaign that is going around, and no one is sure where it has started from, although the obvious suspect is GM. You can see the campaign here. The ad features a green background with the numbers 230, the zero looks like an electrical outlet. Below that is the date 8-11. Interesting.

The major speculation that is floating around now is what does the 230 actually refer to. Right now there are several major theories. First is that the 230 refers to now may miles per gallon (MPG) the Chevy Volt will get. The above site also posits this theory:

Mike Duoba from Argonne National Lab devised a method to determine the MPG of an EREV; first the car is driven from a full battery until it reaches charge-sustaining mode, then one more cycle is driven. If we use the highway schedule, the first 40 miles are electric. One more cycle is 11 more miles. If the Volt gets 50 MPG in charge sustaining mode, it will use .22 gallons of gas for that 11 miles. Thus 51 miles/.22 gallons = 231.8 MPG.

Finally, some believe that it has something to do with charging the volt, like 230 volts need to charge it.

Whatever the campaign is for, I find the idea intriguing. While I’m not really a fan of the government buying major auto companies, I am very interested in the idea of a car that has super efficient battery charging and would result in drastically increased MPGs (imagine getting 230 mpg!!). While the car may not win a race or be able to pull a boat, for someone who has a decent commute most day, this kind of car is very appealing. We will be watching this with bated breath.

Chevy Volt