If you aren’t familiar with Western Digital’s VelociRaptor hard drives then it is probably because of the recent rise in popularity of SSD drives. The VelociRaptor is a series of 10,000 RPM SATA hard drives which offer high performance for servers and workstations by using the traditional hard disk approach (at high rotation speeds) instead of solid state. Well, there is good news for people who aren’t interested in SSD, Western Digital has announced two new additions to the VelociRaptor family: 450 GB and 600 GB models which feature 6 Gb/s SATA interfaces. The 600GB VelociRaptor offers more storage than any 10,000 RPM drive that Western Digital has produced. They both offer a 15% boost over the previous generation according to WD.

To test out the performance of the new VelociRaptor, HotHardware got their hands on the 600GB VelociRaptor and ran some benchmarks to see how it held up against the competition and the previous generation. The results show that the 600GB VelociRaptor is the fastest in nearly every test, making it the top performing hard drive available today. The only negative of the new WD VelociRaptor is that they are a little expensive when compared to 7200 RPM hard drives. The 450GB VelociRaptor goes for $299 while the 600GB will set you back $329. This isn’t as much of a problem when you compare them to SSD prices, but when you can buy a 7200 RPM drive with 2 TB of storage for under $200, it might be bit too expensive for the extra performance. You can check out more 600GB VelociRaptor benchmarks over at Tom’s Hardware and AnandTech.