The next iPhone release is right around the corner and Verizon might already be working on a campaign to advertise it’s availability on their wireless network according to CrunchGear. Just yesterday it was confirmed that Apple had signed a five year exclusivity contract with AT&T for the iPhone. It turns out exclusivity deal might have been re-negotiated to end at an earlier date, something that has also been rumored due to rumblings about Verizon carrying the next iPhone.

The question remains, will the iPhone remain an AT&T exclusive, or will Verizon become the second US carrier to sell the device? If the rumors are true, then Landor Associates could be working on a Verizon ad campaign ahead of the launch. This is the closest we have come to confirming a CDMA version of the iPhone required to operate on Verizon’s network. The recent iPhone leak from Gizmodo did nothing to confirm the presence of a CDMA chip on the next version.

Many people speculate that Apple has grown unhappy with AT&T and have started to look at Verizon as an option to expand their business. The special deal for the iPad 3G data plans with AT&T might have helped cool the relationship between the two companies, but isn’t it just really a matter of time before Apple starts looking for new opportunities? With the recent NPD numbers showing Android OS gaining sales, maybe they are worried that AT&T is holding back development? With the next iPhone right around the corner, hopefully more information will be revealed.