The CEO of Verizon has confirmed that there is a Google tablet in development between the two companies. There is not really any detailed information about the device, but it does confirm that a real Google tablet is in development and confirms at least one wireless carrier for the device.

Google Tablet

With Apple selling over one million iPads in the first month of it’s release it seems that Google is eager to compete in the growing market. Nobody knows what operating system will be used on the tablet, there is a good chance it would be Android based or might run Chrome OS.

Google has refused to comment on the news of a tablet being developed with Verizon. There is also no timeframe of when the tablet might be released. Currently Verizon uses CDMA technology to provide wireless data, but they have been working on delivering next-gen 4G service to markets. If one were to guess, a Google tablet running LTE would be a huge competitive advantage over Apple’s iPad which is only capable of 3G speeds. If LTE deployment was enough markets by the time the tablet is ready there could create a huge buzz of interest for the device.

One does have to wonder if this would sour any relationship Verizon was trying to make with Apple. The rumor earlier today that the iPhone was headed to Verizon seems odd if they are working with Google on a tablet. It also makes you wonder who would create the actual hardware for the device. Nobody knows which company it would be. The real truth here is that the Verizon and Google tablet is just one of the many Google tablets that are probably in development at this point. The future of tablet computing is looking very bright.