Surprising news today, social networking website Twitter has just acquired Tweetie, the popular Twitter application found on the iPhone and iPod Touch by Atebits. In his last blog entry for Atebits, creator Loren Brichter explains that he will be joining Twitter’s mobile team and will continue to work on the future of Tweetie. He also mentions that Tweetie will be renamed, bringing the official Twitter app to the iPhone and iPad for free. While there is no specific plans announced yet for what the future holds, this is fantastic news for Twitter users on the iPhone.

According to Twitter founder Evan Williams, they want users to be able to search for Twitter on the App Store to find the official app and download it free. Not only does this allow them to do that, it also reduces the amount of work required to launch their own official Twitter app. The latest version of Tweetie for the iPhone already includes all the latest Twitter features, and even includes support for location-based services like Foursquare. In a related move, they also announced the official Twitter for BlackBerry app earlier today. It appears that Twitter has big plans for the mobile space and there is a lot more come after today’s announcement. I wonder what other Twitter app developers will think of this news.