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This nuclear reactor, called the Toshiba 4S has some big advantages over the traditional nuclear reactor. Namely, it is very compact, it has minimal monitoring and maintenance requirements and comes with an automatic shutdown feature for safety purposes (always a good thing).

Reportedly both Mitsubishi and Hitachi have also developed similar concept reactors that output anywhere from 350,000-600,000 kilowatts. Not to shabby.

Now, if we can just get our country to start adopting more nuclear power. We hear those on the left complain constantly about our lack of clear, green power, something I think is a worthy goal. As of now there isn’t a single green power source (wind, solar, thermal) that is really a viable alternative. The only power source that is an actual, viable source of real energy is nuclear power. The traditional fear is that there are obvious safety concerns (largely now dealt with) and concerns about where to store the nuclear waste. Even the waste concerns are largely overblown, especially with the ability to essentially reuse the nuclear waste for further power. The French have been doing it for years.

Who knows, in 50 years we might all have small nuclear reactors in our basement and we’ll be self-sufficient, burning clean nuclear energy. Or we all turn into mutant zombies.