This is somewhat speculation at this point, but there are heavy rumors indicating that T-mobile is going to make a big push at rivals Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. Rumors turn around a 3 prong attack that could turn the best little cell phone company into a monster cell-company.

The first part of the attack of “Project Dark” or “Black” (depending on who you ask) comes from their heavy push of Android based phones such as the Motorola CLIQ and the Samsung Behold II. These beautiful, feature rich smart phones will be able to compete with the iPhone and the Palm Pre, Google is out to control the world through Android. T-Mobile was the first to offer a G-Phone, and while it wasn’t perfect (in fact there were many flaws) we got our first taste at the open, Android based platform, and it was impressive.

The second part of the Project Dark will implement a high speed data network of over 21 MPBS, which is much better then AT&T’s current 7.2 MBPS. T-Mobile is aggressively upgrading their network to hand higher capacity and speeds, which will be a boost to consumers as it pushes other networks to work on their speed.

Finally, and the post interesting part of the plan which would introduce a $50 plan that would include unlimited data, voice, text, etc. If true this would be clearly the best plan of any of the wireless networks. The next closest is Sprint’s Simply Everything plan that gives you basically the same thing (although only calls to cellphones are unlimited) for $70 bucks. This is $20 bucks cheaper!

Of course, any such plan as T-Mobile might be working on would come with considerable growing pains, including drastic increases in usage. Engadget lays out many of the arguments that such a plan is doomed to failure. While they raise some interesting points, I think that if some random writer for an Internet blog realizes these growth issues T-Mobile will as well.

Honestly, at this point, what do they have to lose? They are the also-ran in a pretty vicious industry. The big benefit to consumers is that if T-Mobile introduces such a plan, then the other companies are bound follow suit. At least we can hope. I love my iPhone, but their monthly rate is pretty steep.