There might not have been much doubt, but Steve Jobs is officially confirmed to lead the keynote at WWDC on June 7. The Apple CEO will be giving the keynote at the World Wide Developers Conference, where tickets sold out within eight days as developers look forward to five days of events and presentations focused on Apple development.

Steve Jobs

The opening day keynote draws in the most attention of course. In previous years Apple has chosen to announce new gadgets, including the iPhone, and this year is expected to be no different. With so many next gen iPhone leaks, it is almost certain that Apple will announce the new device.

The leaks suggest an iPhone with a new case design, an A4 processor, front-facing camera for video chat, larger battery, and a flash for the camera on the back. In addition, the new iPhone OS 4 release date is expected to be announced. The new OS update was revealed in April and includes many new features like multitasking. Beta versions of the update have also uncovered details about the possibility of support for tethering on AT&T.

What is less certain is if Apple will show off Mac OS X 10.7, or will they reveal anything about the next operating system? With such an iPhone themed conference, perhaps there has been some delays with 10.7 that are not known about yet. It could be that the iPad release has set them back a bit. Nobody really knows what Apple plans to announce, but in a couple weeks we will find out exactly what is truth and what is just rumor. I don’t know about you, but I am excited for the official iPhone announcement. It has been a bumpy ride of anticipation ever since the first leak appeared over at Gizmodo.

Photo: Acaben