According to a rumor last night, an analyst claimed that Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer would have a part in the Steve Jobs keynote at Apple’s WWDC next month.

Steve Ballmer

The rumor said that he would be presenting Microsoft’s foray into iPhone development by announcing support for Visual Studio 2010. Sound too wacky to be true? That is because it turns out the rumor was not true, which has been confirmed by Microsoft today.

The original rumor came from Global Equities Research, and of course it took off around the blogs and started even more rumors of a Bing partnership. It would have been crazy at WWDC where one minute Steve Jobs could be talking about how Apple surpassed Microsoft in market capitalization, and then Steve Ballmer comes on stage and starts talking about partnerships. I don’t think many people are surprised that Steve Ballmer is not speaking at WWDC.

In previous years at the World Wide Developer Conference, Apple has even made jokes about Microsoft. One year to promote the upcoming release of Mac OS X, they posted banners that said, “Redmond, start your photocopiers.” A simple way of poking fun, saying Microsoft might copy features and put them into the next version of Windows. That might not be the best environment for the CEO of Microsoft to be in.

Jokes about the competition have always been normal at WWDC since it is an event filled with Apple developers where no feelings might be hurt. It’s all in good fun of course, and recently another company made jokes about Apple. At Google I/O last week there were plenty of laughs towards Apple. In a market where competition is tough, jokes are often made between developers for the sake of entertainment. I think Steve Ballmer would understand that, just watch this famous video clip from a few years ago.

Photo: Wikipedia