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The breach involving Heartland and the others is believed to be the largest hacking and identity theft case ever prosecuted by the U.S. Department of Justice. In addition to Heartland, 7-Eleven, and Hannaford Brothers, it involves two unnamed corporate victims, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s office.

The feds charged the three men with using what is called an SQL injection attack. Essentially this involves the use of a homemade script of some type that exploits a layer of the database information that feeds into their web pages. This allowed the men to access, through a kind of back door, millions of credit card numbers. The hackers also apparently tried to hide their actions by using proxy computers, which allowed them to evade anti-virus software and delete traces of the malware that they installed on client computers.

I’ve been warning people for years that this is the true goal of most malware. Viruses are not made just to cause havoc on your machine and slow down your system for no good reason. These botnets and hackers know exactly what they are doing. They are using the resources of your computer to perform their dirty work, such as hack these other systems, while you are unaware. Then, periodically, they stop by and grab the information from you computer, thus evading detection. This is also the primary reason why there are no viruses or malware on Mac’s. It’s not because Mac’s are impervious to viruses, but because something like 90% of the world’s computers uses windows, thus there is just more market share for the hackers to take advantage of. Trust me, as Mac gains more market share, we will see viruses show up there as well.

What makes this whole thing worse is that Gonzalez was a known commodity to the feds, turning information in 2003. It seems he was still up to no good however. Since that time he has stolen millions of consumer’s information and sold it on the black market. This guy is truly a bad dude and it’s a relief that they got this guy.

Here is an interesting video if you are interested in SQL Injection attacks and how to defend against them: