Since the Mac’s new OS Snow Leopard came out yesterday I thought I’d throw up my review of Mac’s latest along with pictures and a review of my new rig. Snow Leopard brings some interesting new features, but over all the update isn’t anything ground breaking, although the polish is pretty amazing. This is version 10.6 to the original Mac 10 OS and comes in at a very svelte $29 bucks (take that Windows 7!). The first nice improvement that Snow Leopard brings is a new 64 bit operating system, which means that all apps can access a much large amount of RAM (usually limited to about 4 gigs under a 32 bit OS). So, this brings more speed and versatility to an already powerful OS.

Another immediate benefit you might see is an instant savings of space on your HD. Apple says you’ll see at least 6 gigs in space saving, but some reports have seen anywhere from 10-20 gigs! Nice! Apple is able to do this primarily due to how they now configure printer drivers, etc.

While there aren’t any real new revelations in the UI for Snow Leopard, there are some minor changes that folks might appreciate. The biggest tweak is the addition of Expose to the dock. Holding down on an app’s icon triggers Expose for that application’s windows, and if you drag a file onto an app, you can then select which window you want to drop it into. Here’s some video:

New Mac OS UI

Additionally Apple has added some updates to Finder, Quicktime, Exchange Control for enterprise solutions, more speed and more stability. You can read some good review here and here.

Bottom line: For $29 bucks this is a no brainer, everyone with a Mac should upgrade, even if you are still running Tiger. I think it’s pretty clear that Apple has priced this so that it is affordable for everyone. This indicates to me that Apple has a plan for big things and wants to make sure that everyone upgrades now. So, my advice is to grab this, extra space, 64 bit everywhere and some nice little additions makes this worth the $29 bucks.

Now to the real cool news, my new iMac! Here are the specs to my new rig:
-24 inch LCD screen
– 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
– 4 GB of DDR3 SDRAM
– 640 GB Serial ATA hard drive
– Nvidia Gforce 9400 Graphics card
– Yada yada

It’s a nice machine which I’m dual booting Windows 7 on, which runs very nice too. Here are some pictures of me which I call Christmas in August.

IMG 0602IMG 0603IMG 0618