Owners of the Palm Pre or Pixi should be receiving the new webOS update sometime today according to Boy Genius Report. The update brings Flash 10 support, and video capture. Sadly Flash 10 support is limited to Pre owners at this time. Included in the update is a large number of bug fixes, interface enhancements, and performance boosts. Sprint is expected to issue an over-the-air alert when the update is available.

Today’s update arrives along with reports that Palm’s revenues are down and their phones aren’t doing too well. Originally the Palm Pre was exclusive to Sprint customers, but they expanded their new phone offerings to Verizon in January. They are in a tough position, with Apple and Google offering stiff competition. The fact that their shares dropped 19% after the announcement certainly can’t help matters. This can’t be good for Palm at the moment, but they are working hard to promote their products and gain market share.

Some people got their hands on the update early, and posted screenshots and sample video clips, be sure to check them out over at PreCentral if you are curious. You can also check out the full list of changes here.