It’s that time again. The same product cycle has occurred for the past four years. So when Apple announced to the press that they were holding their usual September media event to show off something new, inevitably the rumors of new iPods started to fly. Every year brings new updates to the iPod line in September.


The big rumor this year is a new iPod Nano, as well as a new iPod Touch. The next-gen iPod Touch has been a long time coming, and has rumors of a new rear-facing camera dating back to last year. Meanwhile the next-gen iPod Nano rumors have only now began to surface. According to reports from accessory manufacturers the iPod Nano might shrink in its size and drop the famed click-wheel entirely, replacing it with a touchscreen. The new iPod Nano would look more like the previous gen iPod Shuffle, but with a tiny touchscreen instead.

The next-gen iPod Nano might even replace the iPod Shuffle entirely, which would certainly slim down the lineup. Nobody is quite sure how the interface for such a product would work given the smaller screen size and no click-wheel. It might be something we haven’t seen before, or it might just copy the same old iPod interface with touch controls thrown in. It is not likely that they will fit iOS on it, which currently runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Speaking of the iPod Touch and the rumor of a rear-facing camera, there is also one about a front-facing camera which could introduce FaceTime support. The recent release of the iPhone 4 brought FaceTime as one of its new features, allowing video chat between two people over Wi-Fi. The iPod Touch gaining the same feature could mean that iPhone 4 customers could have more people to FaceTime with, and would certainly be a much advertised feature. As for the design of the next-gen iPod Touch, it seems likely that Apple will take a very similar approach to that of the iPhone 4, removing the “candy shell” back and replacing it with a much flatter back.

The Apple media event kicks off September 1st at 10:00 AM PST in San Francisco. It will be exciting to see what they announce. Will it be a basic refresh of iPods, or will they surprise everyone with a newly redesigned products and maybe even a new AppleTV with 99 cent TV rentals? Who knows, maybe even iOS 4 for the iPad will be announced? Is the iPod Classic going to get an update, or will it be discontinued? Special or not, this Wednesday will surely be filled with Apple news.