Apple has just updated the Mac Mini with a completely new design and added the ability for do it yourself memory upgrades. Previously there was no easy way to upgrade the memory, but now it’s very possible with a new removable bottom panel.

Mac Mini

By detaching the panel, you get full access to the memory slots. In addition, the new aluminum unibody design includes an integrated power supply, which means there is no need for an external power brick, it’s just one plug that goes right into the wall.

The processor has gotten a bump up to 2.4GHz, although it is still a Core 2 Duo. The graphics similarly got a boost with the new Nvidia GeForce 320M chip. That makes it the fastest Mac Mini to date, and about on par with the lower end MacBook. Apple is also getting cozy with people who like to pair their Mac Mini with an HDTV by adding HDMI output.

Many people like to use their Mac Mini with their home theater, and it is not surprising to see the addition of an HDMI output, it has even been rumored for a long time now. Previously Apple required you to buy an adapter to hook up a Mac Mini using HDMI. To make everyone happy, they also included the old Mini Display Port graphics output.

Another somewhat hidden feature is the new SD card slot. Placed on the rear of the Mac Mini, the SD card slot was not previously included. Being able to load pictures and videos directly from your camera without requiring a memory card reader is great, but the rear placement will certainly make it a little awkward. The good news is that right next to the SD slot is a total of four USB ports. They even managed to fit a Firewire 800 port on the back, something that they could have very easily not included.

It is amazing how much they managed to fit into such a small computer. That’s all the info on the new update, go check out Apple’s Mac Mini site for more photos of the new design. It looks really stylish in aluminum compared to the old white plastic, and the new do it yourself memory upgrade option was much needed. I wish the video card and the processor were a little faster, but the new features certainly help to make up for that.