If you were watching the Academy Awards on Sunday night you might have seen the first television ad for Apple’s new iPad. The ad is now available on Apple’s website for viewing. It shows off the iPad doing different tasks like looking at photos, reading a book, email, and even watching a movie. On the surface there is nothing really new that couldn’t be seen in the keynote or the other promo released, but hidden in the new iPad ad is an early look at iBook pricing on the device.

There has been no official pricing announced for Apple’s new iBookstore featured on the device, but AppleInsider uncovered some information revealed at certain points in the video. During the ad, a picture displays books priced at $7.99 to $14.99 on the iBookstore. The e-book pricing appears to be highly competitive between Apple and Amazon. This could be good news for people who are worried about Apple’s pricing being slightly higher than Amazon.

At the bottom of the iBookstore in the new iPad ad there is also a button for NY Times best sellers. This gives the best sellers an exclusive section on the store, an example of one of the ways Apple will promote book sales. The iBookstore is an exclusive feature to the new iPad, which offers e-books that can be read using the new iBooks application. Apple has already announced that April 3 is the day the iPad will go on sale, with pre-orders beginning on March 12.Blow Up Bounce House