A few days ago a Techcrunch reader alerted the site that he had found a “chromeos” folder on their Chromium build site. Google quickly removed the folder, but not before Jonathan Fredrickson could snatch the files and download them. The initial impressions so far are pretty positive. The OS itself looks and feels very similar to the Chrome browser, which makes sense.

One must wonder how happy Google is about this revelation, they can’t be too happy that details and actual builds of the OS are already getting out. On the other hand, that was pretty careless of them to place the entire OS on a publicly accessible folder. Also, it’s open source, so what can they really do? Not much.

I’m excited to see what the Chrome OS will be able to do once it has some solid development behind it (don’t judge it too harshly on it’s early release). The fact that it’s free, is a Google product and will making PC computing very cheap is a fine idea.

Oh yeah, if you want to download the OS click here. You can only install it if you have Linux, but if you are the adventurous type and want to give it a go and see the newest operating system sure to take the world by storm, have at it.