The new iPad SDK Beta has been released to developers, and it has already revealed some evidence that Apple might have been working on a front-facing camera for the iPad. MacRumors discovered some references that are used to test if the iPad has a front-facing camera. After even more digging, 9to5mac found UI elements in the SDK that show buttons that are only used for video chat.

This is not the first time evidence of an iPad camera has surfaced. Earlier this month photos of a replacement part for the iPad revealed an empty slot for a front-facing camera. Some people speculate that it might be a prototype version, but when combined with other evidence it does make you wonder. It is perhaps silly to say the iPad will ship with a front-facing camera, but the evidence definitely shows that Apple has been testing the idea internally.

However, there is chance that the next revision of the iPad, or the iPhone, might feature a front-facing camera and video conferencing. This is probably just an example of Apple holding back features for their own reasons. The new iPhone is rumored to come out this year. If it sports a front-facing camera and offers video conferencing, they might think that including them on iPad would hurt the sales of the new iPhone. I doubt it would stop people from buying the new iPhone, but it would certainly make the new feature seem less impressive.