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Microsoft announced the Kin handsets last month. The phones feature a custom interface focused on social connectivity. Both phones come with a full slide out QWERTY keyboard. The Kin One is smaller than the Kin Two, but both offer the ability to share videos, photos, and more with an easy to use interface. The Kin is seen as a less advanced smartphone, making use of cloud features to store data online. It does feature the Zune HD player for music playback, but it is not app-focused like the iPhone or Android phones.

While the phone’s target audience might be younger, many people speculate that Microsoft is overestimating the marketplace for the device. A recent survey found that most teens use text messaging more than they use data on their phones. The survey found that 72 percent of teens use text messaging, while only 23 percent use social networking on their phones. With the Microsoft Kin requiring a data plan, there might not be a very large market for the devices. Maybe they are hoping that marketing will bring people to the device, but as the video below demonstrates, they might need some help there as well.