Is it possible that Miami Heat star forward just tweeted his way into rehab? There are indications that this might be exactly what happened. It appears that Beasley has been admitted into an unnamed Houston rehab center under the guidance of coach John Lucas. What’s real interesting (from a tech point of view) is that Twitter might have played a role in his admission to rehab. Souces explain that there was a series of very strange tweets, two account deletions and a twitpic that revealed some very suspicious bags on a table in the background.

As reported above, it appears that Beasely had several updates posted to his account @Gorillabeas. That account has now suspiciously disappeared. Here is a screen shot of his Twitter updates which comes from Twitters cache:

beas tweets

And then follows some responses from friends or followers of his on Twitter:

beas react

What has really sparked the controversary though is the picture below that contains, what is believed to be bags of marijuana or some other illegal drug in them.


So, the question is whether Beasley went to rehab because of the strange Twitter updates and possible contraband in order to forestall a PR onslaught or if he is going to receive help. He has a history of questionable actions in the past, but for his own sake I’ll hope that he is trying to turn over a new leaf. The one thing I will say is this, be careful of what you put on Twitter, it has 40 million users and someone is bound to see the stuff you have. This is the same principal as Facebook or Myspace, people think they are free to post whatever they want to on these social networking sites, but the problem is that you never know who is out there watching or checking up on you. The next time you are thinking of posting a picture of you drinking at some party with beer bongs in the background, remember that potential employers and mothers-in-law are out there. Beware. Too bad Michael Beasley didn’t learn this lesson.