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Well, if you were waiting for anything really cool or huge announcements from Apple today, it was certainly a mixed bag. Given the amount of hype, it was probably a let down for most of us. The good news first: Steve Jobs is back baby! I must say it was pretty cool to see Jobs appear on the stage and give his presentation. He looked pretty healthy considering all that he had been through. So, that was rockin’ and the reception he received was certainly well-received. After that, things pretty much go down hill.jumping castle

Jobs: “I’m very happy to be here today”

I guess the other announcement that is worth noting is the imminent release of iTunes 9, which I’ve downloaded and it does seem to have some pretty cool features, including the ability to connect with Facebook and Twitter and the new LP functionality. Itunes also received a refreshed look more in line with Snow Leopard. Also released today was the new iPhone 3.1 software update, which includes the ability to manage your apps from iTunes and a few other updates.

The real disappointing news is their announcements regarding their new iPod line. The touch gets some space and speed upgrades and some price drops which are nice (8GB $199, 32GB $299, 64GB $399). However, the one expectation that we did not get was no camera for the iPod Touch. This was very disappointing as it really is the one thing that is missing from an otherwise excellent device. I probably would have upgraded to the new Touch if Apple had released it with a camera, as it is I’ll just stick with the one I have. Strangely the new iPod Nano does have a video camera. This is beyond bizarre in my mind, why give the Nano a camera (and radio access) but leave your flagship product stripped down? Obviously Apple wants you to buy the iPhone and if they added a camera to the Touch they risked cannibalizing iPhone sales. Oh yeah, they dropped the prices on the Nano too, which I guess is good.

So, overall I think today’s news is mixed; it’s great to see Steve Jobs back at the helm officially, but besides a few nice updates it was a pretty lame announcement today. Most disappointingly was the absence of any Beatles announcement. I really thought they were going to finally announce the availability of the Beatles catalog for digital download, but alas it was not to be.

Here is a nice wrap-up of today’s Apple event:

Apple Wrap-up