James Cameron

James Cameron

James Cameron, the director of such blockbusters as Titanic and Terminator is finally getting what he wants. For years Cameron has wanted to create a stunning 3D film of epic proportions, but technology has so far not been able to do exactly as he wanted. In fact, Cameron has waited about 15 years for the right technology to finally catch up with his vision. This December we should all be able to see Cameron’s vision come true in the movie Avatar (video below).

While not a whole lot is known about Avatar, what is known is pretty interesting. The movie portrays an epic battle between Earth and the alien moon Pandora. When humans encounter the seeming harmless Na’vi they decide to conquer and ravage the planet. This turns out to be a big mistake and the movie portrays the struggle between alien cultures and a man caught between the two.

What is really interesting is that Cameron has decided to film the entire movie in 3D. Of course, 3D movies are nothing new, it’s been around since the 1950s. Typically we associate 3D with hokey sci-fi movies that require those funny green and red cheapo glasses. This is not your father’s 3D movie though. However, you do wear these new polarizing lens explained here:

These are polarising glasses, untinted, which do not cause the headaches experienced in the past, or more importantly rely on frequent ‘pans’ of the camera to make the image appear in 3D.

Each lens has a different filter , which removes different part of the image as it enters each eye. This gives the brain the illusion it is seeing the picture from two different angles, creating the 3D effect.

The effect of these new glasses and filming technique is something very much like a computer game. In a computer game the CGI/3D “filming” allows the camera angle to essentially take any angle it wants to. As a result you can really be inventive with the story and giving great points of view. As the father of three kids I can tell you the 3D movies that have come out this year (like Monsters v. Aliens and Ice Age 3) have been truly stunning. There were times when I was just blown away by how truly terrific the 3D actually was. It literally did appear that the images were coming out of the screen.

I’m excited to see this technology brought to a genre of movie that will finally do this new technology justice. We’ll see about the plot, etc., but I’m much more interested in seeing this blend of real life/3D technology.

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