Vivek Kundra
Vivek Kundra a Fraud? blackjack ballroom casino

australian online casino games casino mobile france The most ridiculous is his assertion that he was formerly a CEO of Creostar. While records for this company are hard to come by a small Dun & Bradstreet service did turn up the following information: there was indeed a Creostar in Arlington, VA. It was founded in 2004 with the contact being Vivek Kundra. The last record for the company (online) showed sales of $67,000 with one employee – apparently Kundra, the CEO. real money safe mobile casino us players

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So, apparently Kundra was the CEO of a bogus company that he started on his own to enhance his resume and claims educational accolades he hasn’t earned, sounds about like an Obama nominee.

So, the question that Dvorak and I would like answered is how did this guy get by our oh-so-awesome mainstream media and become the CIO, in charge of giving out billions of dollars of our money. The guy pretty much is a nut. I was listening to Dvorak and Adam Curry’s show No Agenda, a great podcast, and they were talking about this joker. Apparently Kundra believes we are not far off from Star Trek like holodecks and other crazy technology that is no where near invention. In fact, as Dvorak points out, there is no indication that this guy knows anything about technology. Most ethical administration ever!

Vivek Kundra

Photo Source: Chuck Kramer