While yesterday’s Apple press event held a few surprises, the biggest consensus is that it was pretty much a flop. The biggest disappointment (outside of no Beatles!!!) was the lack of a camera for the flagship iPod device, the iPod Touch. Speculation ran wild yesterday as the tech world collectively asked, why give the Nano a camera and not give the Touch a camera?

Well, it turns out that the camera may still be on the way, but there were some quality issues that prevented Apple from unveiling the long awaited Touch camera yesterday. Apple Insider reports that Apple originally planned on releasing the Touch with a camera yesterday, but made a last minute decision to delay the release of the camera touch. Reportedly the camera did not live up to Apple’s quality assurance expectations. Other sources stated that this decision was actually made about a month ago while they continued to work on the device.

Apple Insider also reports that their source told them that Apple will eventually release a Touch with a camera, but the time frame for when was unresolved, “as soon as possible”. The good news is that we will probably see the Touch camera introduced at the current price points for the 32GB and 64 GB iTouch, so that is something to look forward to.

My biggest concern is that Apple had/has some kind of agreement with AT&T or another partner not to release a device that is too much like the iPhone for fear of cannibalizing iPhone sales. This is probably a valid concern, if Apple released an iTouch with wifi, GPS and a camera I would have no need for a iPhone as AT&T really sucks. I’d much rather have the touch and a good phone on the Verizon network. Heck, you could even use Skype on the Touch if you had the ability to use a speaker/mic headset.

Come on Apple, get those kink worked out and give the consumers what they want!