Apple released a new beta build of iPhone OS 4 for developers today, and subsequently pulled the update soon after it was released. That didn’t stop 9 to 5 Mac from digging through it to discover changes that Apple has made in the OS. Last month Apple detailed the upcoming iPhone OS update, announcing many new features including multitasking using a new interface. With the new beta build Apple has added two additional features that can be quickly accessed, orientation lock and iPod controls.

In the current public release of the iPhone OS, quick iPod controls can be accessed from the lock screen or when inside an application by double tapping the home button. With iPhone OS 4, double tapping the home button when inside an application brings up the new multitasking interface without exiting the current app. The new beta build allows you to swipe left in this interface giving you access to iPod controls and a new orientation lock feature. This new feature could mean that Apple is planning additional “mini-widgets” as suggested by 9 to 5 Mac.

The iPhone OS 4 update is expected to be released this summer for the iPhone and iPod touch, and sometime in the fall for the iPad. Historically major OS releases have coincided with new hardware. Considering the recent next-gen iPhone leak, it is safe to assume that this will be the case. WWDC will begin on June 7, and many people expect Apple to announce the release date of both the new iPhone and the new OS update.