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While the update is not a full solution to the “death grip” issue, it does change the way the signal meter is displayed. In the announcement, Apple said they discovered a flaw which caused the meter to display inaccurately. It would show a full signal when it should have been displaying one or two bars less.

The fix released today does exactly this, as confirmed by Anandtech. The iPhone 4 still exhibits the same problem where the signal will drop if you hold it a certain way, much to the irritation of many owners. With the new update applied there is at least a less significant drop in the signal meter when it occurs. Many people expect a better response to the issue during the Apple press conference tomorrow at 10am PDT. It will be interesting to see what happens because nobody is quite sure what Apple plans to do.

Meanwhile the iPad received a long overdue update for a bug which should have never occurred to begin with. When the iPad launched there was a nasty glitch which caused Wi-Fi access to be intermittent for some people. It caused countless connection issues for people and Apple promised to release a fix for it. They kept their promise and the iPad Wi-Fi fix is finally released today, but it took a lot longer than anyone anticipated. They also fixed another bug that would cause video playback to freeze and improved video-out using the iPad VGA adapter.

While today’s update is very helpful, the bigger question is when Apple plans to bring the big iOS 4 update to the iPad. The current word is that it will be sometime this fall, but now that iOS 4 is out for everything else people are starting to wonder the exact date Apple plans to release it. I guess they have a lot on their plate at the moment with the iPhone 4 reception issue. It is hoped that Apple will be able to put that past them soon so they can move onto to better things.