Today marks the release of Apple’s highly anticipated new tablet device. Apple turned heads at the beginning of the year by announcing the Apple iPad. Building on the multitouch interface they created for the iPhone, they have produced a 9.7 inch tablet device that many claim will revolutionize a new era for tablet devices. At Apple Retail Stores all around the US, people are going to be picking up the latest gadget. Some have opted to have the product delivered to their door or even try their luck at Best Buy stores that are carrying it. Unfortunately for those who want a 3G model, the wait continues. Same goes for everyone outside the US, but they will hopefully be getting their iPad Launch Day soon.

The App Store has been a huge contributor to the iPhone’s success, and Apple is betting that the same will be true with the iPad. Apple has begun posting the first wave of iPad applications for the App Store in preparation for release. There is already thousands of applications available right now which fully support the iPad at launch and more arriving as fast as Apple can approve them. Some websites have started highlighting applications that are available, check them out at Engadget, Gizmodo, and Mashable. With so many apps available at launch, including Netflix and other video streaming services the excitement has really built up all around the internet.

The wait is finally over, iPad Launch Day is here and many people will finally get their hands on the device. There will be many reviews, photos, videos, and stories to read about the new iPad. Will it be as revolutionary as Apple claims or will it miss the mark? We will soon find out how people react now that iPad Launch Day has arrived. Keep an eye out for more news, this new gadget will certainly be grabbing the spotlight if early reviews are any indication. Until then, if you are lucky enough to pick one up, or even if you aren’t, feel free to share your thoughts about the device below.

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