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The new subscription service would still allow users to view the 5 most recent episodes of the many shows that you can watch on Hulu. However, if you want to watch anything older you would have to subscribe to what they call Hulu Plus. Theoretically this would allow you to access a wider, more comprehensive collection of television shows, which is a good thing. On the other hand Hulu isn’t really “free” right now. Every show I watch has commercials in it. Yeah, it’s not as much as on network television, but it’s still there. Why would I want to pay more on top of that for content I’m already getting through my satellite?

There are also a couple of big gorillas in this room. First and foremost is Netflix. For about the same price you can get many shows and movies streamed directly to your computer or television. For instance shows like Heroes and Legend of the Seeker are up the next day after they air. In addition you can order DVDs through the mail for this same content. So, if you are going to pay $10 bucks a month for a service which would you choose? I’m going to go for the one that offers more content.

The real kicker here is going to be access. If Hulu would allow you to stream to your television like Netflix does (through an Xbox or something) I might be more tempted to do that. I have a 50 inch TV and I’d much rather watch content on that then on my computer monitor. Since Hulu is going to continue to block that access then it’s a deal breaker for me.

It’s clear that networks still don’t get it. They keep trying to impose old business models when there has already been a paradigm shift. I think the likely effect from this is more and more people will discover the wonderful world of bit-torrent (not that I endorse that :P).