Today HTC fired back at Apple by filing a complaint with the International Trade Commission claiming that they are infringing on five of HTC’s patents. If you don’t remember, Apple filed a similar complaint earlier this year against HTC for infringing on patents. This seems to be a direct response to Apple, starting the patent war between the two companies.


The lawsuit against Apple is asking for all imports and sales of the iPhone, iPod, and iPad to halt due to patent infringement. Seems on par with most patent infringement claims. Just like the Apple lawsuit there is no timeline for when or if this will go to court. There is not enough details about the five patents that HTC claims Apple is infringing, but it will be interesting to see how many of the claims are valid.

HTC currently makes many Android powered phones including the Incredible, HD2, and even Google’s Nexus One pictured above. In Apple’s patent infringement case they claimed that HTC violated 20 patents, with most of them focused on software techniques used such as the “slide to unlock” gesture. The two companies are extremely competitive and are looking for any ammunition they can use to help gain an advantage. At the same time, if they do not show sufficient defense for their intellectual property that could weaken the strength of their patents. Perhaps this might help explain why HTC is countersuing, to make sure that their own patents are held up in a court between the two companies. This battle will take years, and I can’t help but think that none of it really helps consumers in the end.