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It has not been a good week for e-mail. Earlier this week gmail was down for about 2 days, off and on. This caused numerous problems for businesses and people who rely on their e-mail service for their every day communications. It seems that Google isn’t the only one who is facing e-mail challenges though. Reports are that Microsoft’s Hotmail has come down today.

MSN Hotmail has 40 million active members, which, as you can imagine, could cause some major issues for users. Some have claimed that the latest hotmail outage has caused them to be without email for as much as 4 days! Apparently MSN has had a rough time keeping up with demand and there have been frequent complaints about outages and loss of service recently.

According to CNET, a Microsoft customer service representative has confirmed the outage (gee thanks) and blamed a faulty server for their problems. Hotmail has recently been bleeding customers and more and more people decide to switch the gmail as the main provider for their free, web-based e-mail. I’ve just recently made that switch and thus far I’ve been very impressed with the service and storage that gmail does offer. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more about the Hotmail outage and when it is restored, until then, try gmail :P