First the Segway (remember when that was going to revolutionize personal travel and mobility) and now we have the next step in pointless tech gadgets, the Honda U3-X (catchy name).

Looking like a stylized, ultra-modern unicycle, the U3-X zips it’s occupant around simply by balancing forward, sideways or backwards. It can keep a constant speed of around 3.7 MPH. Amazingly the device only weighs about 22 pounds and has a lithium battery that can last around an hour or so.

At this point the idea is still in the conception stage and there are no production plans for the unit, but it’s intriguing. The question I have is, do we really need a device like this? Certainly I understand how something like this might be useful for the disabled, but for the average person how practical is a device like this?

For me, I drive to work and walk maybe 75 yards to my building (maybe 100 yards on a bad day) and then I work all day in a building that wouldn’t really be conducive to this kind of device. So, it wouldn’t be particularly helpful as a personal mobility device. I suppose if you wanted to take it to the park and ride around on it that might be something to do, but I just don’t see anything like this ever really revolutionizing the way we live. It’s much more likely to land next to the Segway in the pile of what-ifs and could-have-beens. Cool device though.

Honda’s Personal Mobility Device