Last week Apple caused quite the stir in the tech world by denying Google’s application for the iPhone for Googlevoice. For those not familiar, Google Voice is a new service (formerly called Grand Central) that Google will be releasing at some point that will allow users to have one portable phone number, and then have all their other phone lines (home, cell, work, etc.) point to that one number. There are a lot of other very cool features as well. Right now it is invite only (I got one :P) but they are expanding the Beta all the time, so if interested you should apply. The cool thing about the iphone app is that it would have allowed you to dial directly from your iPhone and other phones would have seen your Google voice phone number as opposed to your iPhone number.

However, Apple rejected the app, much to the chagrin of many users. In fact, Michael Arrington of was so mad that he actually called AT&T and canceled his contract, he’s not the only one. These kind of draconian moves (which Apple is somewhat known for) may be the biggest argument for using an alternate smart phone like the Pre or an android based phone. No worries though, Google has a solution for all you Apple fan boys, they are going to develop a web based application that will allow you to do basically the same thing. As the New York Times reports:

“Google says it is readying a replacement for the Google Voice app that will offer exactly the same features as the rejected app—except that it will take the form of a specialized, iPhone-shaped Web page. For all intents and purposes, it will behave exactly the same as the app would have; you can even install it as an icon on your Home screen.”

Sounds like a good work around to me. They give users the same functionality and at the same time they basically give Apple the middle finger. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Apple makes very high quality products, but in the end, if they are not careful, Google is going to win for the simple reason that they are much more open then anyone else. Good on ya Google for finding the work-around.

Another Work Around