Another big announcement at Google I/O today, this time revealing a new platform called Google TV. By focusing on television they hope to bring new experiences that merge the power of the web with the power of television.

Google TV

Of course this is not a new idea, but Google is hoping to make the experience seamless and without compromise. To do this they are using an Android interface to give powerful features like search. You can search for a show or channel and find it, whether it be on TV, or through an internet source like Hulu or Netflix. It gives you options to choose your source, even for a specific episode of a show. They hope this will destroy the borders of traditional television and allow you to bring content from anywhere.

To achieve this they announced partnerships with Sony, Logitech, and Dish Network. Sony plans to integrate it into a line of Sony Internet TVs, while both Logitech and Dish Network are working on set boxes that connect to your existing TV. The Google TV devices will feature HDMI, Wi-Fi, and some even have an IR blaster for controlling your existing equipment. By using a bluetooth keyboard, or an Android phone, you can use the powerful search features. They also demonstrated the ability to use voice search, something that could really change the way people find content to watch on their television.

Of course you can still browse the web, and even access to Android Market and use apps like Pandora. There is support for Flash as well. While some Android apps they demonstrated were not well designed for Google TV, they showed off a couple that made full use of the platform. One of those apps was YouTube Lean Back, which turns YouTube in a fantastic experience where it is easy to browse and watch videos using a slick interface. There was no word on when Google TV devices will be available, but they plan to release the SDK in 2011 so developers can make Google TV apps themselves.