Today Google announced an innovative new feature to their search engine called Google Instant. You might have noticed it by now, as you type something into the search box, the site automatically shows real-time results below. This saves time by allowing you to instantly find the search result you want without having to wait each time after you search for something new.


Since Google already has built in suggestions as you type, this is another great addition for finding your results much faster. It takes a minute to learn at first, you are used to typing your search and instinctively pressing “enter” or hitting the search button. Once you break that habit, you will be finding your results in over half the time it normally took without Google Instant search. According to Google they say that there is an average saving of two to five seconds per search. When you consider the number of searches Google receives per day, that comes to a total savings of around 1 million hours per day!

The new Google Instant search is currently only available for desktop browsers. That means anyone with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer 8 can access the new feature. Apparently it is being “rolled out” and might not be immediately available everywhere, but they say it is coming as fast as they can deploy it so keep checking if you don’t see the changes. They also say that mobile users will receive the update sometime this fall with no exact date. I can imagine that due to the AJAX method it uses the speed at which Google Instant works will depend on network latency. This means that mobile devices could be a little slower when in certain areas over cellular data.

There are some other changes that have been made here which might affect advertisers who use Google AdWords. The Google Analytics Blog has posted an update saying that there might be some fluctuations in AdWords impressions. Impressions are usually the count of how many times an advertisement is displayed, but with Google Instant turned on, they are now counted in various ways and might increase or decrease the volume of impressions depending. It is always interesting to see how Google handles these new features when you consider how much work goes on behind the scenes. Overall the new real-time results is a fantastic feature and I look forward to seeing what Google does next.