Today marks the release of Google Earth for Android. It arrives on the Android Market with new features, but it is limited to devices running Android 2.1, which only includes the Nexus One at the moment. Much like the desktop version, Google Earth for Android is a free application that allows complete access to Google’s 3D mapping imagery. It is similar to Google Maps except you can quickly navigate through the world in 3D, giving the option to see terrain and additional layers that you normally don’t get.

This is not the first time Google Earth has made it to a portable device. It has been available for the iPhone since late 2008, but it came with a few missing features. However, Google Earth for Android is claimed to be the fastest, most feature-filled, mobile version to be released. One new feature of the Android version is the Roads layer, which allows users to see roads just like they do in traditional Google Maps. Google has also added a voice search feature, giving you the ability to find locations just by using voice recognition. All the other features are included as well, such as photo and video layers which let you find media related to visible locations on the map.

Google Earth for Android is limited to Android devices running version 2.1 or later. This might be disappointing for people who own the Motorola Droid, or even older Android devices, but there are plans to introduce updates for those devices in the future. The Droid should be getting the update soon, while other devices aren’t expected to get the update until later this year. So do not worry, if you aren’t lucky enough to have a Nexus One, you won’t be left out, but you might need some patience.moonwalk forum