Today Google opened a preview of their new search engine optimization called “Caffeine”. Reportedly Caffeine will boost the already quick and accurate Google but adding new optimization. In recent weeks there has been a slew of bad news for Google that has them, frankly, concerned. First Microsoft and Yahoo announced a new combination/search deal that would make them a powerful number two in the search engine business. While Google still has about 65% of that market, the new Bing/Yahoo deal gives them virtually everything else. Jason Calacanis estimates that each percentage of the search engine business is worth about $1 billion dollars. Next came Microsoft’s announcement of the online Office; or Office in the Cloud, which is meant to compete with Google Docs and other investments Google is making. There has been a lot of back and forth this summer between Microsoft and Google, so the announcement of Caffeine is interesting.

So, what exactly is Caffeine? Essentially it’s next generation architecture that will allow faster and more accurate results. Most people will not notice a large difference right away, mostly this sits “under the hood” as Google says. However, web developers and power users probably will notice some differences. If you want to learn more or check updates about Caffeine you can click here.

Whether you are a Microsoft or a Google fan, on thing is for sure, competition is good for the market. I have worried for some time now that since Google is by far and away the most popular search engine, they would allow their status as number one to carry them, which is pretty much what Microsoft did during the late 90’s/early 2000s. Now Microsoft has real competition from Apple and Google and their products are much better. Bing is so good that I actually use it quite often (I especially like their cash back offers when you purchase items using Bing). Will Bing ever replace “google it” in our lexicon? Probably not, but as long as both Microsoft and Google (and Apple I suppose) are viable entities, this will only benefit the consumer.