A new version of Google’s Nexus One was announced today, which supports more 3G networks, specifically AT&T and Rogers. That’s good news for folks in Canada, but it does come with a catch. The new model is only being sold unlocked, meaning you have to pay the full $529 USD price tag. T-Mobile customers have the option to subsidize the price down to $179 USD if they buy it with a 2-year contract. The new version is also being sold directly through Google, just like the T-Mobile version. The wait continues for the upcoming CDMA model of the Nexus One, which is expected to reach Verizon later this month.

Without the special price that T-Mobile customers get, it will be interesting to see how many people will buy it for AT&T or Rogers. When looking at sales numbers, it appears that the Nexus One launch hasn’t been doing so well, according to a report by Flurry. It might be that the online-only approach that Google has taken is not paying off quite as well as they have hoped. Perhaps by adding more carrier support today, and Verizon sometime soon, Google is looking at a larger picture for the future of the device. By the time the Nexus Two comes out, things will be much different. Until then, maybe Google will work out 2-year contract deals with more networks so the entry price isn’t so high.