Free Stuff on Twitter!

Introducing Freezly, the newest and easiest way to find free stuff on Twitter. So, who doesn’t like free stuff? I’m always a sucker for “sign up for our visa card and get a free hat” etc. However, Twitter actually has had several contests that I’ve seen that requires minimum effort from the participants. Essentially retweet some message and then qualify for a free item. One of the best promotions I’ve seem was discussed by Mashable and involved Squarespace (an excellent blogging platform like WordPress) giving a way an iphone a day for 30 days. All you had to do was include #squarespace in a single tweet which resulted in their topping trending topics for several days in a row.

So likely you’ve seen several tweets like this (or more likely retweets) and maybe you want to get in on the action. The easiest way to do this is now by using Freezly, which is like Tweetmeme or something similar, but uses an algorithm that is powered by key terms and tweets that gives away free stuff. Just looking through some of the interesting items they have up, you can get Dual LCD cameras from Samsung, Macbook pros and even cars. It’s a very cool page that is worth the bookmark in my opinion.

Here’s another tip if you are going to use it, just create a dummy Twitter account (I have like 3) and simply go through and retweet all the stuff they have up and see what happens. This way you won’t annoy your friends and followers. Good luck!