Lifecasting! A strange word to some of us, but many folks think it’s the next big thing since the Truman Show. What is lifecasting you ask? Essentially it is 24/7 recordings of what you are doing and where you are. Sounds kind of creepy to some folks, but it is an intriguing idea to others, especially those who want to chronicle their lives or have very large egos.

There are many different products coming that fullfill some aspect of this lifecasting future, but one that is ready now, and at least does some of this is the new Fitbit, and high-tech pedometer that does more then just count your steps. This $99 device is about as small as a credit card and you can clip it to your pocket or your wallet and it tracks your daily . . . and nightly activities, then sends all that information to the cloud wirelessly.

It doesn’t take pictures or anything, but it does give one a benchmark of when they are active and what they are doing for every minute of the day. It actually uses a three-dimensional motion sensor to track your movements and then tracks steps, calories burned, how far you walked and can even show you how much you toss and turn while asleep. Very intriguing. If you want to see a review of someone who has used it for a week, Josh Lowensohn at cnet has a review.

So, how useful is something like this? I’d probably never use it, but I think we can see where this is heading. Soon these will come with GPS and cameras that will be able to track what you have done, where you have gone, along with video and pictures, and then send it all to the cloud wirelessly. Again, I find something interesting about this, but I also see a lot of lawsuits. We are truly moving into an interesting world.