Rumors have abounded about the mysterious exploding iPhone for a while now, but maybe this myth is a reality. At least one person is taking this serious, the French consumer minister. It seems Herve Novelli will meet with executives from Apple to discuss incidents in which the Apple product has “spontaneously combusted”. Reportedly at least a half a dozen iPhones have exploded in France, some even having caused injury to one teen’s eye.

Up to this point, the exploding iPhone has been something of a urban myth, everyone has heard about it, but no one has actually seen it. My favorite story is that of a man in Austrailia who contacted Apple after his daughter’s iPhone exploded wanting to get his money back or at least a replacement for it. Apple agreed to replace the iphone, but sent a letter that required him to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the following language, “. . .agree that you will keep the terms and existence of this settlement agreement completely confidential”, and that any breach of confidentiality “may result in Apple seeking injunctive relief, damages and legal costs against the defaulting persons or parties”.

Way to be consumer friendly there Apple. It takes balls to make a product that is so deficient it explodes and then demand that the consumer never talk about it or they will be sued. The main working theory is that the ion lithium batteries get overheated, which then causes the device to explode. I’ll admit, my if I play games for a long time my iPhone does get really hot, so I could see some strange reaction with the battery that could cause an explosion. They seal the iPhone up pretty tightly, so if there is any amount of pressure that builds up, it could easily explode.

So, at least the French are taking a look at what Apple is up to. If nothing else, this puts Apple on notice that they can’t just shove this under the rug, if there is a serious defect in the iPhone it’s always better to come clean about it and replace it now. Lawsuits are expensive.

Exploding iPhones in France