Dell has officially announced plans for the UK launch of their new Android mini-tablet, called the Dell Streak. The launch will take place on June 4 in the UK via O2, although no price has been announced. Unfortunately the US launch is not expected until sometime later this summer.

Dell Streak

The new Google Android mini-tablet will carry a 5-inch Gorilla Glass touchscreen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 16GB of expandable storage, 5 megapixel camera, and it will run version 1.6 of the Android OS.

The Dell Streak is a hybrid device that lives in the space between a smartphone and other larger tablets or netbooks that you might be using right now. We designed it to provide a wide range of users flexibility to do what they need with a mobile device.

Although the Dell Streak will initially launch with Android 1.6, they have plans for an update to Froyo (2.2) which includes Adobe Flash 10.1 support. The update is expected “later this year” which hopefully doesn’t mean Q4. The Streak includes a custom UI and full access to the Android Marketplace. Dell originally unveiled the device at CES earlier this year, and in an early preview on Engadget, they found it has some potential depending on how well it is priced. Sadly we still have no idea what the final price will be, but at least people in the UK will be able to pick one up soon enough. It will be interesting to see how successful an Android tablet can be, especially after it makes it’s way to the US this summer.

Photo Courtesy of Dell, Inc.