Blackberry Flash
Blackberry to Include Flash?

Wowsa, Blackberry to include Flash and Silverlight support!?! I have to admit, one of the most annoying things about mobile browsing is the inability to view any web page that uses Flash. Even the iPhone, which is clearly the best mobile browser out there, doesn’t support Flash. Apple does have a deal with YouTube and some other services that allows you to watch video on the iPhone, but there are many many web pages that just don’t work properly on either the iPhone or the Blackberry.

However, there is definite news out there that Research in Motion (RIM), the makers of the vaunted Blackberry, is working on including full Flash (not just Flash Lite) and Silverlight support. Silverlight is the Microsoft product that competes with Flash to do a variety of video and scripts on web pages. The other reason this is good news for Blackberry users (which I use for their superb enterprise support) is that Apple has been very very resistant to including Flash support on the iPhone. I think the reason Apple has done this is A) They hate Adobe and don’t want to give that huge market share to a rival and B) they are probably looking at coming up with some kind of HTML 5 or similar Flash like product that will do video, sound, etc.

The addition of Flash would certainly give Blackberry something it is sorely missing in comparison to the iPhone, namely better game support and the ability to listen to streamed podcasts and streaming video. Even the ability to watch YouTube on the Blackberry would be nice. There is nothing more annoying when surfing around on my Blackberry then coming to some page with the big slash through the picture where the Flash video should be and realize that there is no point in going on because the web page doesn’t support mobile browsers. As noted elsewhere, by including Flash, RIM is really opening the world to their users, thus giving consumers more choice in the mobile computing area. I was wondering if anyone would be able to compete with the iPhone and was certainly worried about RIM, but this is good news indeed!

Photo Source: Ricardo