It is sad to see this day come but AT&T has announced that they will stop offering unlimited data for new plans started after June 7. The wireless company has introduced new tiered rates to replace the existing $30 unlimited data plans, including ones used by the iPad 3G.

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The new plans start at $15 per month for the “DataPlus” plan with 200MB of data, which leads to $15 for another 200MB if you run out before 30 days. The more expensive “DataPro” plan offers 2GB of data for $25 a month, and another $10 per GB after that. AT&T claims that only 2% of it’s smartphone customers use over 2GB of data in one month. They have also finally announced tethering for the iPhone, which will cost $20 a month on top of the “DataPro” plan.

AT&T will stop offering unlimited data plans for the iPad as well. The same new tiered rates will be available for any new subscribers after June 7. Any existing plans at the $30 rate will still receive unlimited data on the iPad, but if they cancel their service they are subject to the new rates. This certainly makes the no contract iPad 3G deal less amazing. There still won’t be any commitment and you can cancel at any time, but the iPad consumes data at a much higher rate than most smartphones. It seems odd that AT&T thinks 2GB is enough for the average iPad user.

Maybe this is AT&T’s answer to their bandwidth issues they have had in the past. The new iPhone is planned to be announced on June 7, the same day these new plans go into place. Maybe AT&T is worried about additional bandwidth issues and they have decided to heavily cap data usage to try to help it. If they offer video chat over cellular data on the next iPhone, it would certainly add more load to their network. I can’t help but feel like unlimited data was something that couldn’t last forever, especially on AT&T. I just never thought they would stop offering it for the iPad with 3G this soon after its release.