According to the Wall Street Journal the next iPhone from Apple will include a second model with CDMA compatibility, allowing it to work with Verizon Wireless. This would make the iPhone no longer exclusive to one carrier in the US. That isn’t the only news that has been revealed. Over at Engadget their sources are saying that Apple is going to call it “iPhone HD” and that it will be announced on June 22. The name iPhone HD seems to imply that they are focusing on the size or resolution of the screen.

Nobody really knows how reliable any of these rumors are. The idea of a CDMA iPhone has been tossed around before, but nothing further. Perhaps it is the next logical move considering the rapid growth of Android devices on the market. If you look at upcoming phones like the HTC EVO 4G, it’s not hard to see that the race for “what’s next” has only just begun.

If Apple can release an iPhone HD with multiple providers and introduce new features such as video chat, that would certainly heat up the competition. While some might assume that Apple would use LTE to provide 4G wireless data, the recent reports from both AT&T and Verizon makes it fairly uncertain that it will happen in 2010. There is no guarantee that Apple is focusing on LTE at this time, but hopefully we will know more in June.