The annual Worldwide Developer Conference is officially scheduled to take place on June 7 through 11th this year. The conference is focused on Mac, iPhone, and iPad developers, offering training sessions and of course a keynote that will likely be from Steve Jobs. The real news here is that it is the date that a new iPhone will probably be announced. Apple announced the iPhone 3GS at last year’s event, and it would only make sense to make a similar announcement this year. With the next iPhone already leaked, I am sure Apple is eager to announce it and move on from the recent incident. Many people speculate that this year’s event will be heavily focused on the iPhone and iPad, and almost completely lacking attention on Mac development.

It seems Mac developers are upset about the focus on the iPhone, apparently the Apple Design Awards have no category for desktop developers this year. This means there will only be ADA’s for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad apps, setting a tone for the entire event. That is an odd change from previous years, and developers are worried about what this might mean. Apple is not likely to show off the next major update, Mac OS X 10.7, at the event at all. That would fall in line with the focus on iPhone OS this year, and probably means 10.7 won’t be talked about until a much later date.

Despite the change in tone for this year’s conference, the big news will most certainly be the new iPhone. Apple already announced iPhone OS 4 earlier this year, and said that it would be released this summer. That follows the theory that they will announce the new iPhone, and means we are that much closer to knowing the exact date when both will finally be released. This is what most people are excited about, and perhaps that is why Apple is giving a cold shoulder to the desktop this year.