The big iPhone 4 press conference to address the antenna issue is now over. During the event Apple was quick to point out that many other smartphones on the market exhibit similar issues when you hold the phone a certain way.

iphone4 side

They went over other statistics that prove the iPhone 4 is the best they have designed despite the flaw. According to Apple a very small amount of people have the issue, or many people just don’t seem to mind that it exists. Talking about how overblown the issue is might help Apple feel better, but with unhappy customers they decided they had a better solution to the issue. So they announced a plan to give every iPhone 4 customer a free case for the phone. By using a case, the problem is solved very easily because it reduces the ability for your hand to interfere with the antenna.

The only problem is that they can’t make the bumpers fast enough, so instead they will source other case makers and offer people the choice of getting one of those if they want. People who previously bought a bumper will receive a refund for their purchase. The offer for a free case will be valid through September 30. To apply for the new cases Apple will setup a special website late next week where customers can order them. If that isn’t enough to make people happy, Apple is also offering full refund within 30 days of buying an iPhone 4.

At the end Apple also announced plans to fix the proximity sensor bug. Some people saw an issue with this on their iPhone 4 where placing the phone to your ear during a call would sometimes not disable the screen like it was supposed to. That nasty bug causes people to press buttons while on a call, but Apple says the next software update should solve the problem. We can only hope this won’t take too long to be released.

The next topic they addressed is the availability of the white iPhone 4. The release of the white version was delayed at launch, but they are now saying they will be released at the end of the month. The iPhone 4 is also coming to 17 more countries on July 30th, including Canada, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and many more.

After the press conference was over Apple held a Q&A session to allow the press to voice their questions directly to Steve Jobs. One of the questions was about the September 30th cut off for the free cases, he responded by saying they will “reevaluate the issue” then. That leaves the question still open for what they will do. Will they have a more permanent fix for the antenna issue, or will they simply start bundling cases with the iPhone 4?

Another question was asked if they could come up with a software solution, something the New York Times suggested was possible. The response was that such a solution was “patently false.” So apparently this isn’t so easy to fix, and that explains why they came up with the “free cases” plan to solve the problem. There is no long term solution planned, but Apple is hoping this will make their customers happy. We will have to see what happens next, many questions still remain but hopefully this will settle things down a little bit.

Update: Apple has now posted a video of the press event on their website.