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The report claims that the A4 is based on a single Cortex-A8 and the PowerVR SGX GPU. Apparently the processor isn’t too different from the one in the iPhone 3GS, just clocked at 1GHz. Apple claims the processor is their own in-house design, so there are much more details we haven’t heard about. The tight lipped nature of Apple is nothing new, most technical details about their products are usually left to be a mystery until they are finally released.

During the iPad presentation Steve Jobs made sure to credit the new A4 processor as their own custom silicon. He also spoke about collaboration between the chip designers and software engineers working on the iPad. Nobody knows the extent of the collaboration, but it could mean the processor’s power optimization is customized by Apple. The claims of 10 hour battery life while in use seem to be evidence that they have been working hard to make the chip more efficient.

The custom design of the A4 processor might be a little less mysterious if Ars Technica is correct, but the full details still remain unknown. When Apple releases the iPad, there will undoubtedly be numerous tear-downs of the device. Every component contained in the iPad will be analyzed and explained. The fact that Apple has their own processor design will make it difficult, but I am certain the full mystery will eventually be revealed.