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Photos and videos have been published of the new leak, one particular teardown photo also confirms that the next-gen iPhone will carry the Apple A4 processor, the same one that can be found in the iPad. This also means it will carry 256MB of RAM, which is the same as the iPad and iPhone 3GS. The next-gen iPhone has the same front-facing camera, rear camera with flash, and glass backing as the earlier leak. Many people are still speculating about a higher resolution screen, but there has been no way to confirm that so far.

The highly anticipated next-gen iPhone is expected to be officially announced at WWDC in June. It does make you wonder though, with how much has already been revealed because of these leaks, what secrets has Apple managed to hold on to that we haven’t seen? It can’t be easy for Apple have so much information leaked, but they must have some sort of surprise planned. I suppose we have not seen the new iPhone in action, just pictures of the hardware. The new iPhone OS 4 beta has shown us it’s multitasking capabilities, but we have still not seen what software has been developed specifically for the new hardware. The fact that there is a front-facing camera implies that there will be a video chat application. I guess we will have to wait and see.