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When markets are open, anyone with a great idea has a chance to drive innovation and find new customers. Adobe’s business philosophy is based on a premise that, in an open market, the best products will win in the end — and the best way to compete is to create the best technology and innovate faster than your competitors.

Certainly Adobe has a point about a developer’s right to choose, but they also seem to assume that their technologies are required for that to be possible. Adobe has made multi-platform software that makes it easy for developers to port software, but they do it by using their own proprietary software. They seem to forget that they are the sole controller of the technology, which is exactly why Apple chooses to use open source software for things like video. Steve Jobs might not be completely right with his open letter, but at least he was not afraid to admit that Apple’s platform is closed because of the App Store.

It seems the freedom for developers to choose is more about Adobe wanting consumers to have the right to use Flash on Apple’s products. There are many people who want to play games, videos, or use Flash based websites, and Apple’s choice to not allow Adobe onto their mobile platform has made some users upset. This still has not stopped the iPhone, iPod Touch, and now the iPad, from being a roaring success. Either consumers don’t care about Flash or at the very least they are willing to give it up. Apple’s promotion of HTML5 as an alternative has certainly helped fuel the transition away from Flash. Many companies are already working on using HTML5 video on their websites. Developers still have a choice, but not all of them are choosing Flash.